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Knowing More About Vinyl Flooring

Choosing a vinyl flooring is really important. So you have to learn more about vinyl flooring and what are the materials used to make it.

The most common type of resilient flooring and very popular in the country is the vinyl flooring. Most of the time, vinyl flooring and resilient flooring can be interchangeable.

You can find vinyl flooring in both high end and low end types. If you are looking for the most affordable type of flooring, then you should go for the low end vinyl flooring. But you should know that when it comes to appearance and quality, the high end vinyl flooring can compete with other expensive floorings out there.

So now you need to know what vinyl flooring is made of. The materials used to make vinyl flooring are made of different amounts of vinyl. Vinyl that is composite or solid can be used. The solid vinyl is made of vinyl pieces that are set in a vinyl base while the composite vinyl is made up of vinyl pieces set in filler that are not vinyl. The solid vinyl is more durable and expensive. A high quality vinyl flooring comes with a high number of vinyl components. The protective topping that you can find in a vinyl flooring is called the wear layer. It can either be made of entirely vinyl or urethane which is clean and has no wax covering. The vinyl one is better when it comes to resisting scratches and stains. But it can easily lose its gloss compared to the one made of urethane. Take note that glossy floor is slippery and hazardous inside the bathroom. These protective toppings can become dull and wear in time unless wax will be applied regularly.

All types of vinyl flooring has a cushion backing that will come with various thickness. This is an important property especially if vinyl is placed in the kitchen where there is a good chance of dropping breakables. But if ever the cushion backing is thicker, then the floor can easily suffer from dents. You can select textured vinyl surfaces to cover the dents if ever it will happen.

You need to know that vinyl flooring comes in two forms. The sheet and tile are the two forms of vinyl flooring. You can use vinyl tiles if ever you want to do your own installation. Almost all of the vinyl tiles will have adhesive backing that the installed needs to peel off, position, and then stick it on the floor. You need to make sure that you will be installing the vinyl on a smooth and clean surface. There are other people that prefer using a glue and backing application every time you will be installing a vinyl flooring. You can check out this link in order to know more important details about vinyl flooring.

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