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How to find the Perfect Bong

Bongs, or water pipes are popular nowadays but many do not know that they date back quite some time. In essence, bongs are made with water pipes in them to provide a cooling effect when smoking. Smoking is an old tradition embraced by man. There are a number of substances that smokers enjoy but it is no secret that most of them are not very good for the lungs. An example of common substances people smoke is marijuana. With its spirit-filled concentration, it can be pretty harsh on the lungs and that is why bongs are necessary. They provide the cooling effect to protect the smoker’s lungs.

Regardless of the nature of the herb being smoked, bongs are used to ensure that hit that produces optimum effects. Unlike smoking a dry pipe which burns your throat, a bong has a number of water-filled chambers through which the inhaled smoke gets cooled. If a smoother and fresher smoking experience is what you are looking for, then a bong is all you need. Additionally, bongs have quite a number of health benefits. Dry pipes are, however, preferred sometimes because of their convenience. Bongs are not very portable as compared to dry pipes. What does one consider when looking for just the right bong?

First off, not all bongs are made of the same material. Some of the common materials used to make bongs are ceramic, plastic, bamboo and acrylic. It is therefore important that you know what you are looking for before going into the market. The material you choose to buy will largely be determined by your intended use, personal aesthetic and need for durability. For example, if you want a stylish and durable bong, bamboo is the perfect fit whereas of convenience is of importance to you, silicone is the better option. Glass is the most classic option because it is easier to modify and add other accessories.

Percolators are crucial to the function of a bong. Regardless of the size, a percolator’s main job is to diffuse smoke. As pointed out earlier, the combustion of dry herbs such as tobacco could be detrimental to your health. Percolators filter out majority of the unwanted toxins so you can avoid inhaling the unhealthy byproducts. You get to hit two birds with one stone because smoking becomes more enjoyable and you also get to protect your lungs from damage. Many bongs come with a built-in percolator but you can also choose to buy one without then add the percolator as an accessory.

The size of the bong is also an important factor to consider. The size is largely dependent on intended use. Obviously, smaller pipes are ideal for on-the-go use because they are portable whereas larger pipes provide a good home device with more room for modification.

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